Spit, swallow, aim, share, gag?

This was originally a question in the “Ask the Unicorn” section but I was so inspired that I wanted to turn it in to a post. I promise to do a full blow job tutorial, but this is specifically about the ending. There are several ways to approach this and none of them are wrong. Most importantly for you to remember is that you are providing an invaluable service and if you get him to the point where cum is an issue then you have done an excellent job and you should be proud!!

In reviewing the options, it is clear that the Unicorn has only one option, swallowing. It is sexy, it is neat and it is nutritious. Not everyone needs to do it this way as men generally don’t give a shit as long as they don’t have to taste it or wear it. (Yes, there are HUGE exceptions to this…we’ll get there.)

So, if you are being so kind as to suck cock, simply say “Tell me when you are about to cum.”. Men think this is hot, and will gladly assist. It is now that you should decide what you want and make it clear. “Cum in my mouth”, “cum on my tits”, “cum on my face”, or “do you have a tissue” are all perfectly acceptable rejoinders at this point. Men simply want to cum and most are happy to be obedient.

Now for those tricky dicks, the ones who’ve seen too much teen porn or are looking for a cumfunnel may have some ideas that are contrary to your comfort zone- simply groan a few “ummm-hmms” like you are listening and aim his jiz right at his smug face. If it lands on his fancy Faconnable- even better.

Lastly, there are those dirty fuckers that want to taste their own love juice or spray it all over themselves. This is going to depend on if you are in a Jackson Pollock or Jamba Juice state of mind. NEVER feel bad about making a man cum.